Build your own workbench – a DIY step by step

The Art of Manliness is a great site I’ve recently discovered, and I came across an article there written by the fellow that runs One Project Closer, another great blog. He gives you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on building a solid mobile workbench. It uses locking casters (which I’d probably upgrade to Total Locks to avoid wobble), making it perfect for the garage or shop where you share your workspace.

From the article:

Maybe you don’t think a workbench is really all that important. After all, you’ve only got a few tools and everyone knows the folding table in the basement is your space. A dedicated workbench isn’t worthwhile, is it? I’ve seen too many guys stashing their tools in a kitchen drawer or expecting their kids to not touch the freshly painted picture frame. You need a proper place to work and store your tools, and I’m going to show you how to build it.

Read the rest of the article over here. If you’re looking for a handy place to buy the casters, I might just know of some 3-inch Total Lock casters that’ll do the trick…

Wheel and Caster is a locally owned business located in Spokane, Washington. We ship all over the country and strive to provide quick, helpful service. Wheel and Caster is a division of Norlift, Inc, which is also a pretty cool place. You can read more about it at the Norlift blog.


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