Coming Soon … Bin & Box!

Here at the lab, we’re always innovating. Constantly. You might not think there’s all that many ways to roll a wheel across the floor; you might be very, deeply mistaken.

But sometimes we invent something so wildly different, so fearlessly groundbreaking, that it deserves its own home. And that’s today’s story, folks: After weeks of relentless science, we’re about ready for the big reveal:

Bin and Box logo

We’ve almost got the new lab set up, and we’re flying in top me – top … men – from all over the globe to set up shop and start cranking out the organization related creations.

The ribbon will be cut in the next few weeks, so start saving your pennies – you won’t want to be the last to own your own piece of the future. Here’s a link to the site for future reference: For now, it’ll just take you to a placeholder, but when the site launches it’ll take you directly there. Or that’s what the code monkeys tell me. Zero liability.

Wheel and Caster is a locally owned business located in Spokane, Washington. We ship all over the country and strive to provide quick, helpful service. Wheel and Caster is a division of Norlift, Inc, which is also a pretty cool place. You can read more about it at the Norlift blog.

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