Measure twice, roll forever: Determining Caster Capacity

Science has long struggled to find a way to accurately measure the weight of objects. If it doesn’t say on the box, then really there’s just no way to know. Guesswork and gut feelings.

But, let’s say you somehow are able to determine just how much a thing weighs. And then let’s say that you have a crazed need to make that thing roll around. It can be done – but just how heavy duty do the casters need to be? Too much is overkill and a fine way to drain your wallet; too little is asking for a visit from either paramedics or OSHA, and no one likes them.

Luckily, science comes to the rescue once again:


Wheel and Caster is a locally owned business located in Spokane, Washington. We ship all over the country and strive to provide quick, helpful service. Wheel and Caster is a division of Norlift, Inc, which is also a pretty cool place. You can read more about it at the Norlift blog.

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