Replacing the wheels on your rolling garbage can.

Here we find a stereotypical rolling garbage can:

R2D2 Garbage Can

I’ll make sure these Deathstar plans are delivered to the Rebels!

If your trash needs to be hauled to-and-fro, R2D2 will do the job with panache… assuming his cheap, plastic wheels don’t give up the ghost as soon as they encounter a rogue chunk of meteorite on the planet’s surface. For heavier jobs than moving your old feather pillows to the curb, you may need some more reliable replacement wheels.

The problem is, most rolling garbage cans come equipped with plastic wheels that are often simply not up to the task at hand. They are breakable, they don’t roll well on softer terrain like grass or gravel, and they can be obnoxiously loud. But we have a solution for you! If you’re looking for replacement wheels, or simply an upgrade in both quality and style, consider these 8-inch yard and garden wheels with metal hubs, or one of our other similar products. They’re tough, reliable, and I’ll be darned if they aren’t good-looking, too.

As a bonus, has a quick and handy guide for replacing the wheels on your can.

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